World Oshare Mask Championship

Let's buy or make and wear fashionable masks “in the time of corona” while we are in a locked-up feeling! If you dress up wearing fashionable masks, you will enjoy yourself. Not just you, but in order to make everyone enjoy and brighten up the world, we are holding an online World Oshare Mask Championship. At the same time, in order to contribute to the world, we will collect donations to contribute to the medical workers who are working so hard to cure the disease.

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Background of Maskarade

Why fashionable masks?

Cyndi Lauper, a female American pop singer, who played a big role in the 1980s, recently performed a song from her home on SNS. She appeared in brightly colored clothes and said that an old friend of hers always wore bright colors on rainy days and told her to always wear bright clothes on dark days. She delivered a lovely voice, saying that she, too, was dressing up in front of everyone in this day and age of Corona to lighten the mood a bit.

This episode means that your feelings will change depending on what you wear and see. On a rainy day, opening up a brightly colored umbrella or wearing a nice raincoat or rain boots will brighten your mood and those around you, too. Now, with the declaration of the new coronavirus state of emergency, we are restricted from going out, we are likely to stay home more often, we are more stressed, and we tend to feel depressed when we are exposed to too much negative news. In addition, disposable masks are now hard to find. There are only white or plain colored masks available on the market, and there are only a few with cute patterns for children especially in Japan, but you cannot say they are fashionable.

At this time, let’s buy a colorful and fashionable original mask, or enjoy making your own masks. First, wear a fashionable mask, feel enjoyable and make yourself happy. Although cloth masks are not as effective in preventing infection as disposable ones, they can be washed as many times as you want, are eco-friendly, and can be treated with care and affection. And by wearing a fashionable mask, you may be able to not only make yourself feel happy, but also brighten the feelings of those who see you and maybe you can make the world brighter.

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How to Join

Rules for participating

Post up to three photos of your fashionable (can be DIY) masks on Instagram and/or Facebook. Write what is fashionable about your mask(s). Make sure to add the following three hashtags:
#world_oshare_mask_championship #world_fashionable_mask_championship #世界おしゃれマスク選手権大会 You may add more hashtags if you wish. If you want to use photos that are already published or posted, you may repost but make sure to add the above three hashtags.

As a general vote, the number of likes per submitted photos will be counted as the number of votes and will be ranked. The top-ranked number of likes will proceed to finals where there will be selected judges who will make judgments. The total amount of votes will be counted and the winners will be announced.

Schedule of Championship Start Date of Posting Photos: April 30th, 2020 Last Date of Posting Photos: May 31st, 2020 Final judging: June 1st to June 14th, 2020 Announcement of winners: June 20th, 2020

We also are collecting donations as a charity. Please scroll down to the next page for further information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to: maskarade2020[at] (Change [at] to @)

I hope many of you will join and we look forward to your entry of fashionable masks!

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Way to donate

We are also collecting donations for medical supplies to be delivered to medical professionals. (optional) (details TBA) We will accept donations by bank transfer only as of April 30, 2020. We will start collecting from 500 JPY~ or 5.00USD~ as a single unit of donation. Bank transfer fees will not be included. The entire amount will be donated, excluding operating expenses (if any). We will post the total amount of money raised, the recipient of the donation, and the income and expenditure report on Instagram, Facebook, and our website at a later date.

Bank Information: MUFG Bank, Ltd. Swift Code: BOTKJPJT Branch Name: Nakameguro Branch Account Number: 643-04021364 Account Type: Savings Account Name: World Oshare Mask Championship Committee

We would like to thank you in advance for your warm and generous support.

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Advantages of Fashionable Cloth Masks

6 benefits

It’s glad to wear, fun to watch, glad to make and receive fashionable masks Wearing fashionable cloth masks will make you feel better and everyone around you will enjoy watching. It's fun to make and happy to receive fashionable masks from someone.

Fashionable masks as communication tools People who wear fashionable masks can compliment each other on their masks and make a bond through masks.

Non-infectious effects Although not as effective as medical masks, they prevent infection because they do not splash your own droplets.

Anti-staining effects Worn on top of a medical mask, it can be used as a mask guard to keep dirt off the mask and longer than usual to keep it clean and what’s more, you can make it more fashionable.

The charm of non-disposable masks You can wash them over and over again and they are eco-friendly.

The joy of being able to make masks yourself It is relatively easy to make, so you can make your own design and structure as you like. And most of all, it will make you feel good when you are making them.